Awake at the Bedside         Macklanburg Playhouse, 1.00

Moderator: Alexandra Socarides
Participants: Koshin Paley Ellison, Marie Howe, Will Schwalbe

Join a poet, a memoirist, and the co-founder of the New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care as they explore what it means to sit with the dying, and then to write about it. Each of our panels have cared for the dying in different ways – as sister, son, friend, priest – and each expresses their insights about these experiences in different genres.   

Killing It     Macklanburg Playhouse, 2.30

Moderator: Emily Gatlin
Participants: Julia Dahl, Lyndsay Faye, Laura McHugh, Jill Orr, Sara Paretsky

We’ve invited five of the most talented and exciting women crime writers working today to get together onstage to discuss their craft. Learn how they construct their plots and tell their stories. It’s going to be gripping stuff – but we’re not responsible for the body count.

War Stories      Macklanburg Playhouse, 11.30

Moderator: Jeff Pasley (Kinder Institute, University of Missouri)
Participants: Ishmael Beah, Greg Fontenot, Candice Millard, Whitney Terrell

Four acclaimed writers – a memoirist, a military historian, a biographer, and a novelist – discuss the art of writing about war from four very different perspectives and approaches. How have their own experiences of war informed their writing? How do they gather and process material? How do they render both the personal stories of combatants and the larger historical context? This will be a compelling discussion that you will not want to miss.

Inside Publishing    Stamper Commons, 11.30

Moderator: Vivien Jennings, Rainy Day Books
Participants: Will Schwalbe, Julia Dahl, Melanie Benjamin, Emi Battaglia

Do you have a book inside you? Perhaps you’ve already written one and are wondering what to do next. Or are you just curious to know how a book is published? Come to this panel of experienced industry professionals and ask your questions!

In Dog We Trust        Recital Hall, 10.00

Moderator: George Hodgman
Participants: Julie Barton, Meg Kearney, Cleopatra Mathis

Man’s best friend has always featured heavily in literature of all kinds. Join Bettyville author George Hodgman (proud owner of Raj) as he discusses the challenges and rewards of writing about dogs across a variety of genres with memoirist Julie Barton (Dog Medicine), children’s author Meg Kearney (Trouper), and poet Cleopatra Mathis (Book of Dog).

Writing on Disability        Recital Hall, 2.30

Moderator: Julie Elman (Dept of Women & Gender Studies, University of Missouri)
Participants: Susannah Nevison, Molly Brown, Willy Conley, Anand Prahlad

Notions of ability and disability often rest in the eye (ear, mind, limb) of the individual, and as a culture we have been slow to find shared language to communicate about this continuum. Dr. Julie Elman, co-founder of MU’s Disability Studies program, leads a discussion with four dynamic, prize-winning authors about the considerations of writing disability (developmental, neurological, anatomical, auditory) into their novels, poetry, plays, and essays.

Notes on a Native Son: James Baldwin in 2017    Macklanburg Playhouse, 10.00

Moderator: Stephanie Shonekan (Director, Department of Black Studies, MU)

Participants: Christopher Okonkwo (Dept. of English, MU), Robert Greene (School of Journalism, MU)

One of the most talked-about movies at this year’s True/False Festival was the electrifying I Am Not Your Negro, Raoul Peck’s documentary portrait of the writer James Baldwin. With the consequent resurgence of interest in this icon of African American literature, this panel will examine Baldwin’s legacy and influence. As the aftershocks of Ferguson still reverberate across the nation and the Black Lives Matter movement continues to grab the headlines, Baldwin’s acidic commentary on the fate of the African American was never more relevant.