No Ticket to George Saunders? Read This.

This guy.

This guy.

As we get closer to the festival (four weeks today!) we are receiving a lot of questions from people who did not manage to snag free tickets to the George Saunders keynote at the Missouri Theatre on Friday, April 19. (The tickets were all snapped up in a matter of hours back in January.)

One of those things we’ve learned over the past three years of Unbound is that, because these tickets are free, a lot of people reserve seats and then don’t show up. We anticipate that this may happen to an even greater extent this year as the event is on Good Friday, which a lot of people probably didn’t realize when they got their tickets a couple of months ago.

That means: if you want to see George Saunders but you don't have a ticket, you should come to the Missouri Theatre on April 19 anyway. Just come a little early. We’ll have a "no-ticket” line and will start letting those people into the theatre at 7:15 to fill all empty seats at that time.

While we can’t make any promises, what we can tell you is that in the past three years, everyone who showed up on the night was admitted to the event. So: don't despair! You may just have to turn up a little earlier than you'd planned.