Come be Part of Unbound! Come Volunteer!


As you may know, the Unbound Book Festival is run entirely by volunteers. Like, ENTIRELY. We do not have one paid staff member. Everything is done by people who donate their time because they think books are important, and writers are cool. (OK, we may be projecting a little on that second one.)

Without our volunteers, the festival simply would not happen. They hand out programs, they carry things, they ensure that events run smoothly, they ferry authors about and make sure that everyone is where they should be at the duly appointed time. They wear their lovely, exclusive, never-for-sale T-shirts. (They also eat pizza and drink beer with the authors when the day is over.)

In other words, they are the heart and soul of this festival.

Would you like to join us?

We’re now accepting applications to volunteer for the 2019 festival. If you’d like to be a part of this large (and still growing) family of book-lovers, please go here and complete the form. If you have any questions, you can drop us a line at

Thanks so much! See you in April!