Unbind Our Minds...

As we hurtle toward the finishing line, a post from Ameerah Sanders, one of the festival's excellent interns!


The Unbound Book Festival is soon upon us. To me, Unbound is another one of Columbia’s hidden gems that makes Columbia a secret oasis of cultural stimulation. Like the True False Film Festival, Unbound brings art and artists that mid-Missouri folk might not be exposed to first hand. I recall my attendance of Juno Diaz’s speech on his writing and his role in the art world. I was inspired to say the least. Hearing from someone so accomplished and talented can make you want to be accomplished and talented yourself. Having guest speakers such as Zadie Smith bring in more of the world to central Missouri’s doorstep. Like a 3rd grade book fair, I am excited to roam around the festival and grab every novel I can and talk to every person I meet because there is a wealth of knowledge and experience to be shared.

Every town should have non-profits like Unbound. This will be my first year but if it is anything like True/False, it’s sure to be hectic in the best way. I am most excited for the Pie and Whiskey event. It is what it sounds like: a merry gathering of writers and readers who enjoy the stories that good food and good booze can generate. And I am sure there will be many stories to come out of the Unbound Book Festival.