CoMoGives is here!


It's December, so we're making a list, and checking it twice... and it turns out that there's only one thing we'd like for the holidays - which is a little help from you.

CoMoGives, as you probably know, is the online charitable giving campaign that takes place each December in mid-Missouri. It is a wonderfully simple and easy way for people to give online to their favorite local nonprofits. All you need is a credit card, an internet connection, and a couple of minutes. CoMoGives is a crucial part of Unbound's fundraising goals.

As you know, all Unbound events are free to the public. We passionately believe that books are for everyone and consequently we are committed to removing all and any obstacles - including admission fees - to people who wish to attend Unbound events. Of course, without ticket sales as a source of revenue, we are entirely dependent on the support of the community to meet the (not inconsiderable) expenses of the festival.

So may we ask you a favor? If you've enjoyed an Unbound reading or event in the past, or if you're planning to come next April, or if you just think the idea of a free book festival with world-class authors is one you'd like to support, would you please visit our giving page at CoMoGives and make a donation? We remain 100% volunteer-run, so every cent goes directly to paying for brilliant authors and poets to come to Columbia.

Thank you, thank you - we really cannot put this festival on without you. (And here's the link again.)