Recommended Reading

New Territory.jpg

Anyone who has been following the festival over the past few years knows that there is also a stunning wealth of literary talent right here on our doorstep. The myth that interesting work only gets published on the coasts persists, but it simply isn't true.

We present, as Exhibit A, the latest edition of The New Territory.  The brainchild of human dynamo and all-round inspiring person, publisher and editor Tina Casagrand, the quarterly magazine's mission is to "is to cultivate connections among the land, people and possibilities of the Lower Midwest."  The magazine was created out of a deep love of, and pride in, this place where we live. It tells stories from these lands, dispatches and disquisitions that celebrate the Midwest and those who live here. There are poems, essays, reviews, and news, and every word carries an indelible sense of place. It's gorgeous to look at, too - exquisitely designed, with scores of stunning photographs.

Unbound is proud to partner with The New Territory, and we encourage you to pick up a copy and discover this jewel for yourselves. They will be at the festival again this year with a table in the ballroom, and you can find out more there, too.