Will Schwalbe is coming back to mid-Missouri! Like, NEXT WEEK, PEOPLE.

schwalbe at unbound.jpg

Do you see all those lovely people? This is a photo I took minutes before one of the last events of this year's Unbound Book Festival got under way - Vivien Jennings of Rainy Day Books in conversation with Will Schwalbe. The place was absolutely packed - you can see some of our wonderful volunteers bringing in more chairs on the right.

This was actually Will's THIRD event that day, although you would never have known it from his irrepressible enthusiasm and wit. (Not only is he charming and super-smart, the man is also indefatigable.) He and Vivien talked about his wonderful book, BOOKS FOR LIVING, which is a love letter to reading and the joy of books. It was a perfect way to end the festival and one that will live on long in the hearts and minds of everyone who was crammed into that beautiful room at the end of that beautiful day. 

I am posting about this today because next Thursday, September 28, Will is returning to mid-Missouri. He'll be speaking in Jefferson City about his first book, THE END OF YOUR LIFE BOOK CLUB, which has been chosen as this year's Jeff City Capital Read. The event starts at 7.00 p.m. at the Missouri River Regional Library, 214 Adams Street, Jefferson City. Those of you who saw Will at Unbound will need no further prompting to mark your calendars. If you missed him in April, please - do yourself a favor and attend this free event next week. THE END OF YOUR LIFE BOOK CLUB is a delicious meditation on the magic of books, and it's a deeply moving tribute to his mother, Mary Anne Schwalbe. It's a beautiful, inspiring book. 

See you there next Thursday?