Let's Talk About Books... with Will Schwalbe

One of the purposes of our little festival is to encourage people to talk about the books they read. We believe that although reading is an inherently private act, discussing those books with others is a fulfilling and enlightening thing. (Hence, book clubs.) Consequently we could not be more pleased to announce that bestselling author Will Schwalbe will be coming to Unbound this year.  Will is the author of two phenomenal and beloved titles about books and reading, and there is probably nobody on the planet better qualified to talk about the joys and rewards of cracking open a good book. Will will be in conversation with Vivien Jennings, owner of the fabulous Rainy Days Books in Kansas City, and will also be appearing on a couple of panels throughout the day. Be sure to come with pen and paper; there will be book recommendations, and you'll want to take notes. 

Will Schwalbe has worked in publishing (currently with Macmillan); in new media (as founder of cookstr.com), and as a journalist.  His previous book was The End Of Your Life Book Club, which spent twelve weeks on the New York Times bestseller list in hardcover and paperback, was named an Entertainment Weekly Best Book of the Year, was one of Amazon's top four best books of the year, won an Indie Choice Honor Award, and was awarded the Books for A Better Life Award for Best Inspirational Memoir. It has been translated into ten languages. He is also the author with David Shipley of Send: Why People Email So Badly and How to Do It Better. His new book. Books for Living, is a memoir that describes the role that reading can play in our lives, and celebrates some specific books that can help us live each day more fully and with more meaning.