Robin Sloan!

Do you remember a book that came out a couple of years ago called MR PENUMBRA'S TWENTY-FOUR HOUR BOOKSTORE? It sold about a gazillion copies and received fabulous reviews from every quarter, quickly becoming one of the most beloved novels of the past few years. And rightly so: it's a funny, tender, thought-provoking story, and - best of all! - it's about books

People have been waiting to see what the author, Robin Sloan, was going to do next. A couple of months ago he published his second novel, SOURDOUGH, which is just as charming and quirky and compelling as his debut.

We're thrilled to announce that Robin will be coming to Unbound next April to discuss his new novel as part of our panel on writing about food.

Robin Sloan.png

Robin grew up near Detroit and went to school at Michigan State, where he studied economics and co-founded a literary magazine called Oats. After college, he worked at the intersection of media and technology, first at the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida, and then at Current TV and Twitter, both in San Francisco.

Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore was a New York Times Best Seller, translated into more than twenty languages. George Saunders called the book “a tour-de-force” and Robin has kindly requested that no one say anything else about any of his writing, ever. We are done here.

With his partner Kathryn Tomajan, Robin manages a leased three-acre grove of olive trees in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their first batch of extra virgin olive oil will be available in 2018.