You Can Call him Z.

One of the things that we wanted to feature more of at this year's festival was YA, or young adult, literature. YA is one of the most vibrant, creative, and popular areas in contemporary publishing, with an amazingly wide and diverse range of superb titles being produced every year. It is, most assuredly, not just for Young Adults - it is for absolutely everyone, and we're looking forward to introducing a lot more people to it.

To that end, we are very excited to welcome YA superstar Zac Brewer to this year's Unbound. Zac is the NYT bestselling author of The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series, as well as The Slayer Chronicles series, Soulbound, The Cemetery Boys, The Blood Between Us, and more short stories than he can recall.

He lives in Missouri with his husband, two children, and four furry overlords that some people refer to as “cats”.