Eric Praschan is Joyously Unbound

Eric Praschan Author Photo.jpg

Eric Praschan is the winner of the festival's Open Book contest. We asked him to write a few words about his upcoming appearance at Unbound. Over to Eric:

When I published my psychological thriller, The Burden of Silence, last summer, I had no idea that the Unbound Book Festival was going to offer the Open Book Contest for self-published authors. Once I heard of the contest, I immediately submitted The Burden of Silence, hoping it might have a chance. When I received the call that I’d won, I was floored. It was unexpected and humbling to say the least. I’m so honored to have the opportunity to be involved with the festival and to discuss my book.

I’m thrilled for the Unbound Book Festival on April 23rd because it’s a rendezvous for zealous readers and writers. That’s the power behind this whole thing. Words are fire, and our passion to read is the fan that keeps the blaze alive.

For me, the most exciting aspect of the festival is that every author comes with a story—not only the story he or she has poured into a riveting work of fiction, non-fiction, or poetry, but the story behind the story. Those are the hidden tales that a book festival affords us—the sneak peeks, the behind-the-curtain glimpses into the mind of a master honing his or her craft. And this guy can’t wait to wander around backstage and ask the masters some questions!

Columbia, MO, is an arts-centric town filled with a multitude of creative people, and now we finally have a robust book festival to celebrate the importance of books. Who would have thought that our little town could put together this massive production? We did. Every one of us who loves books, who cherishes the irrepressible joy of reading, and who fights for the impact of literacy to continue for the next generation.

Here’s to all of us, book-lovers unbound! See you on April 23rd!