How to Festival!

Yeah, we're totally using that noun as a verb. 

Here’s all the information you might need to plan your day of bookish goodness on Saturday. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line at

Programs. Free programs will be available at the Friday event and all-day on Saturday. These contain a wealth of information, including a map, the schedule, and detailed information about all of our fabulous authors and events. Programs will be available at all venues.  

Tickets and Seating. Please note that (unlike the Friday night event with Michael Ondaatje) there are no tickets to any of the author events or panels on Saturday. Seating is unassigned and on a first-come, first-served basis. The audience will be let in as soon as the venue has cleared from the previous event. We suggest that you read the schedule and work out which events you want to see most - there's an awful lot to choose from (our bad.)

Parking. All non-student parking lots at Stephens College may be used by the general public on Saturday, and there is also unmetered street parking available at certain points around the Stephens campus. However, space is limited. It might be easiest to park in one of the garages in the District (which are free on Saturdays) and then walk to the Stephens campus. You can also park on the street downtown, of course, but remember that meters are in force and must be fed.

Food and Drink. Stars Café, in front of the Windsor Auditorium, sells a variety of snacks and hot and cold beverages. There will also be a stall selling delicious tacos just outside the Macklanburg Theatre. In addition, there will be popcorn machines at certain venues.  And, of course, the many excellent restaurants and bars in the District are just a short walk away.

Explore! We hope that while you’re here you’ll attend at least one talk with a writer or poet you don’t know. All of our guests are leaders in their fields and you will find something unexpected to delight and thrill you. So go on, try something a little different.

Only two days to go! We can't wait to see you!