Don't Be a Stranger, Follow Us On Social Media!

by Shelly Romero

With less than week until Unbound, we thought we'd write about our various social media accounts. Whether you'll be with us on the day of the festival or you'll be keeping in touch from far away, we wanted to bring the action of the festival right to your phone or computer.

Our Facebook page is the main source of information about the festival. Anytime a post is made or an important update is added, it's immediately posted to our page. So go ahead, like it, or comment on our posts. You never know what exciting news or opportunities we'll post next.

Twitter is the easiest way to stay up-to-date on all the news from the festival. 140 characters only? Not a problem. Through our Twitter account, we provide quick and readable news in just a few words and/or links. Plus, we'll be live-tweeting and retweeting or liking your tweets during the festival.

Are you a more visual person? Like looking at pictures? Don't like following a ton of Facebook pages or Twitter accounts? Then our Instagram account is for you. Check it, like a few pics, and follow us!

Yes, we have a snapchat! While it's still a work in progress, you can expect pics and videos to snapped to our story so you can follow the festival's going-ons on April 23rd live. Even if you can't be with us on the day of, follow our snapchat account: unboundbookfest and it'll be like you're right there. 


Shelly Romero is an English major at Stephens College. She hopes to work in publishing as an editor and writer. If you ask her about her favorite musical, she'll jump on a table and start rapping lyrics from Hamilton