Spreading the Book Love.

A bin.

A bin.

My best friend is a person who will give me a book I have not read.

– Abraham Lincoln


A couple of weeks ago, we purchased five bins, just like the one in the above picture. The bins were then taken to some of the local elementary schools, where they are now being festooned with decorative touches (black plastic is so last year, you know.)

Why are we doing this?  

Well, one of the core missions of Unbound is to promote literacy and a love of reading in our community. As you probably know by now, the festival is completely free to the public.  However, we are asking everyone who attends to bring a gently-used book with them as a donation. After the event we will distribute the donated books around town to needy recipients.

So, if you see a decorated trash can outside one of our festival venues, that's why it's there. If you can, please bring a book that you can spare, and drop it in. You might be giving much more than just a book. You may be giving someone a new love of reading - and what greater gift is there than that?

Thank you all in advance. See you next weekend!