Fictitious Dishes Downtown!

Our friends (and sponsors) at the fabulous kitchen shop Tallulah's in downtown Columbia have a new display up on their walls - behind the counter you can see prints from Fictitious Dishes, the wonderful book by 2016 Unbound guest Dinah Fried.

Dinah had the idea of recreating famous scenes from literature, and then making beautiful photographs of them.  The results are all in her book, but we wanted to showcase them a little more - hence the exhibit. If you're downtown at all between now and April 23, pop into Tallulah's and have a look. They're really quite special. Tallulah's also has Dinah's book for sale - it is an excellent gift for anyone you know who reads, or cooks, or (better yet) does both.

On the day of the festival the prints will be on display in the foyer of the Windsor Auditorium, where Dinah will be participating in our panel, Thought for Food, along with Nina Furstenau and Todd Kliman. For more details on this panel (and others), click here.