Were you at the True/False Film Festival this weekend?

It was, as usual, an astonishing collection of extraordinary movies and memorable events that transformed downtown Columbia into the hippest, happiest corner of the universe for four blissful days. People flock to mid-Missouri from across the world to come to this most extraordinary of festivals. There will be many bleary-eyed but happy people returning to real life this Monday morning.

One of the cool features about T/F is the mini-film, called a "bumper", that is played before each movie. They produce four each year, one for each day of the festival, and all contain the same theme. This year's theme was "Off the Trail" and they featured the words of none other than 2016 Unbound author William Least Heat-Moon, from his iconic and beloved book, Blue Highways.

Click here to watch the last of the four bumpers, which features the man himself. We can't wait to hear him talk about this (and many other things) on April 23!