The OPEN BOOK shortlist is announced!!!

Exciting news here! You may remember reading about our Open Book contest - an opportunity for one self-published author to appear at Unbound alongside our roster of nationally acclaimed and bestselling authors and poets.

The first-round jury has narrowed the list of submissions to five finalists. Books were judged in the following categories:

  • Cover
  • Layout
  • Editing
  • Story/Writing

There were 10 points possible in each category and the five top titles were within a 9 point spread.

The five finalists are:

  • The Burden of Silence by Eric Praschan
  • Pawn by Joni Ahern
  • Notes from Boomerang Creek  by Cathy Salter
  • Wisdom from the Cup by Nellie Symm-Gruender
  • The Green Ray of the Sun by Reinhardt Suarez

Many congratulations to the five shortlisted authors. The competition was tough and they all deserve a great deal of credit to have gotten this far. The manuscripts are now winging their way to the five final judges, who hail from North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, New Mexico, and Maine.

Watch this space for news on the winner in a couple of weeks!