Our Youngest Volunteer!

The Unbound Book Festival is run entirely by volunteers, and we're proud of that. This festival is something we believe in, deeply and passionately, and everyone involved contributes their time for free. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization, as they are of so many nonprofits. Many people have already volunteered by going to our sign up page, (and you can, too!) and we're very grateful to everyone who has done so. But there's one in particular who stood out.  

Meet Ava.

As you can see, Ava likes books. A LOT. She is pretty excited about the Unbound Book Festival, and is looking forward to volunteering next April.  She is also, by a margin that can be measured in decades, our youngest volunteer, and we think that this is pretty cool. So much so, in fact, that we thought it would be a good idea if she were to share her thoughts on book-related matters on the festival's website from time to time.

So... in the next couple of days look out for a new post (an excellent YA book review) from the newest addition to the Unbound team. Welcome, Ava!