Dan and Connie Burkhardt     Stamper Commons, 10.00

Growing Up with the River: Nine Generations on the Missouri looks at the nine generations that have grown up in different communities along the longest river in America since Lewis and Clark undertook their epic voyage of discovery. Dan and Connie will discuss how they came to write their book and share more about the stories within it. They will be joined by one of Missouri’s leading artists, Bryan Haynes, who created beautiful original paintings for the book.

Meg Kearney    Warehouse Theatre, 1.00

Meg Kearney is the author of an acclaimed trilogy of YA novels-in-verse about adoption: The Secret of Me, Girl in the Mirror, and When You Never Said Goodbye. Here, she discusses the creation of Lizzie, her memorable protagonist and alter-ego, whose journey as an adoptee mirrors her own, and how through fiction she found herself able to explore her own experiences in new and surprising ways.

David Von Drehle    Senior Hall Parlor, 4.00

It’s a different world to the one we knew a few years ago. Acclaimed author, journalist, and Editor-at-large for Time magazine, David Von Drehle looks at the tremendous velocity of change in communications technology and analyzes the disruptive impact that is having on politics.