Lyndsay Faye and Sara Paretsky    Chapel, 10.15

Interviewer: Nancy West, Department of English, MU 

One of the most successful crime writers of all time meets one of the genre’s up-and-coming stars to discuss their craft. How do they come up with new plots, book after book? Who are their favorite crime writers? What are the challenges of writing multiple books with the same protagonist? Expect trade secrets galore.

Peter Geye and Steve Yates        Recital Hall, 11.45

Interviewer: Greg Michalson, Unbridled Books

Geye (Wintering) and Yates (The Legend of the Albino Farm) discuss – among many other things – the importance of place in their work. How do you transport a reader to a particular location? How much does a novel’s setting become a character in its own right?

Ibtisam Barakat and Rachel Hall     Senior Hall Parlor, 1.15

Interviewer: David Lile, KFRU

America is a country of immigrants; every family has a story of how its ancestors journeyed to these shores from elsewhere. Barakat writes compelling memoir (Balcony on the Moon) and Hall writes beautiful short fiction (Heirlooms) from inside these experiences. Learn how each author took a very different approach to this most universal of topics, and discover where the commonalities lie.

Alex George and Caroline Leavitt     Chapel, 1.15

Interviewer: Jenelle Beavers, MU Honors College

George (Setting Free the Kites) and Leavitt (Cruel Beautiful World) have both recently published beautiful novels crammed with nostalgia, impetuous youth, and heartbreak. Discover what prompted these themes to emerge in their latest work. Plus, learn about the internet friendships of writers, and what can happen when you appear on television in a shark costume.

Zac Brewer and Brian Katcher    Stamper Commons, 2.30

Interviewer: Sarah Howard, Youth Services Manager, Daniel Boone Regional Library

Young adult (YA) fiction is one of the most popular and exciting areas of publishing.  Come and listen to two of the genre’s most interesting and dynamic practitioners discuss the challenges and rewards of writing for a younger – and sometimes not so young – audience. There’s a lot more to it than Harry Potter.

Melanie Benjamin and Nancy Horan    Chapel, 2.30

Interviewer: Lise Saffran, author of Juno's Daughters

Biographical fiction is hugely popular, and we’re thrilled to welcome two of the most successful practitioners of the form to Unbound. Benjamin (The Aviator’s Wife and The Swans of Fifth Avenue) and Horan (Loving Frank) will compare notes on the complex balancing act of creating bestselling fiction out of real lives.

Julie Barton and Lisa Knopp        Senior Hall Parlor, 2.45

Interviewer: Stephanie Williams, University of Missouri Press

There are many ways to tell your story, but how much are you really prepared to reveal? In their memoirs, Barton (Dog Medicine) and Knopp (Bread: A Memoir of Hunger) have brilliantly written about some of the most intimate details of their lives. Together they’ll discuss how to negotiate the challenge of writing honestly and openly about mental health issues and other very personal matters.

Will Schwalbe and Vivien Jennings     Recital Hall, 4.00

Schwalbe, bestselling author of The End of Your Life Book Club and Books for Living, sits down with Jennings, owner of Rainy Day Books in Kansas City, to talk about the joys of reading. Come for advice, reading recommendations, and a celebration of the glories of losing yourself in a wonderful book. No book lover will want to miss this. Bring a pen – you’ll want to take notes.